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Western medical science treats body as chemical composition. In order to provide the medical treatment, it many times harnesses the natural process. Electrical side of the body is equally powerful. Electro-medicine/therapy with its limitless potential enhances the natural healing processes. Medical fraternity across the world is re-evaluating their treatment options and considering electro-medicine to achieve more favorable health results


IFT, Russian, TENS, High Volt, Short Pulse, Galvanic, Surged, SD Curve, Ultrasound & Combination therapy. Johari features various electrotherapy modalities with US FDA clearance precise for pain relief and its effects.


Johari’s ultrasound devices provide effective Continuous and Pulsed treatments in pain relief and muscle rehabilitation. It delivers 1 & 3 MHz through a unique ultrasound applicator


Johari offers a wide range of infrared and red probes and clusters for laser therapy. All the therapy parameters can be easily set on the colour touch screen of the device.


Johari Shortwave is a state-of-the-art device for high-frequency heat therapy. Inductive and capacitive methods of application is given for various pain treatment

Pain is not actually experienced in the body but in the brain. Potentially Electro stimulation could relieve pain and reduce concurrent opioid consumption and associated adverse reaction. The Popularity of electrotherapy for management of Acute Pain, Post Operative Pain, Labour Pain, Chronic Pain is established with clinical evidences.

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