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Hair Removal Lasers

Oxitronix Medical Equipment being a specialized dermatology medical equipment suppliers and manufacturers.
We also provide the best lasers for hair removal.
We are authorized distributor of SNJ Lasers Korea, SNJ started to sell its first product as CO2 laser system in 1999.
SNJ is known as a No. 1 company for CO2 laser system in Korea.
Since 2014, they have developed other types of laser systems.
Now we are selling their diode laser, Nd:YAG laser, and Bi-HIFU system.
Also we added some necessary devices such as smoke evacuator and air cooling device for laser treatments.
Finebeam Dual Q-Switched & Ling Pulsed Nd:Yag Laser. All in one Laser.
Higher Peak Power, More Uniform Beam, Longer Lasting System.

Nd:Yag Laser system for all the functions
Finebeam is more advanced laser system based on quality pulse technology.
This is the best solution for both skin rejuvenation and body treatments.
Best Lasers for hair removal, best lasers hair removal system/machine.
Professional laser hair removal machine.

Know the features of the best laser hair removal system of Oxitronix

The main purpose of using a laser hair-removal machine is to destroy a part of the hair follicle. This is achieved by directing little pulses of light onto the skin, targeting the hair follicle and heating it. Oxitronix offers the highest quality and the best laser hair removal machine at an amazing price to beauty salons, spas, and dermatology clinics. Removing the unwanted hair from the body parts using our machines is more affordable.
Oxitronix offers the best laser hair removal system in the industry. All our devices are designed to consume much lower power, making them safe and economical to use by yourself at your spa. Unlike other hair removal machines that cause damages to the skin, our machines are designed to offer effective results, meaning they will eliminate the hair completely from the desired body part quickly and safely.
Each professional laser hair removal machine of Oxitronix comes with a comprehensive guide containing easy to follow and understand instructions on the way to use the machine. Additionally, our hair elimination machines are designed to work perfectly with all skin tones.
Whether your customers have soft skin, dark tone skin, or light skin, we have the most suitable and the best lasers for hair removal at the best price. Moreover, they are designed with a bounty of beneficial features, including compact size, modifiable power settings, as well as the ability to remove hair on all types of skin safely.
We also offer laser hair elimination devices, which are as sleek as they get. This means that they are available in a long, curved shape, making them very easy to target the small as well as hard-to-reach areas, such as the bikini line, upper lip, and underarms.
Usually, not all people want to sit around and spend their time in a dermatology clinic with a laser hair-elimination device. By keeping the convenience of these people in mind, Oxitronix supplies a special type of device to beauty salons, spas, and dermatology clinics, which will aid them greatly in eliminating the hair easily and quickly. All our devices are designed to offer a painless performance to your customers while you eliminate the hair from their arms, legs, and other parts of their body.
Above all, the professional laser hair removal machine of Oxitronix comes with a portable design, as well. This will enable you to travel with our machines wherever on the earth you go.
Just get in touch with Oxitronix to get the best laser machine for removing the unwanted hair easily, quickly, safely, and affordably.