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FINEBEAM Nd:YAG Laser System

Finebeam is an more advanced Nd:YAG laser system based on quality pulse technology.
There are 2 different fucntional modes such as q-switched and long-pulse with each handpiece.
This is the best solution for both skin rejuvenation and body treatments.

More Precise Beam

More Focused Laser Delivery with
Max. 10mm Beam Size for
Less Pain and Better Effect

Treatment Effects

– Melasma & PIH Improvement
– Nevus of Ota & ABNOM Removal
– Soft Peeling
– Tattoos Removal
– Freckle, Lentigines, Cafe-au-lait Spot,
Becker’s-Nevus, Age spot Improvement
– Hair Removal
– Skin Rejuvenation
– Vascular Vain Treatment

Technical Specifications

– Wavelength: 1064nm / 532nm
– System: Dual Nd:YAG Laser
– Mode: QSW (Q-Switched) / LPL (Long-Pulse)
– Pulse Duration: QSW < 10ns / LPL (Long-Pulse)
– Pulse Energy: QSW Single 1064nm Max. 1.6J
QSW Double 1064nm Max. 2.2J
QSW Free 1064nm Max. 3.5J
QSW Single 532nm Max. 0.5J
LPL Max. 60J
– Frequency: 1~10 Hz
– Spot Size: Zoom Handpiece 2~10mm
Collimated Handpiece 8 mm (Optional)
Fractional Handpiece 5x5mm2 (Optional)
– Contact Cooling: Gas or Air Cooling (Optional)
– Cooling System: Water to Air Heat Exchanger